Monday, October 29, 2007

I want Candy!

So many times over the years I have caught my kids fighting over their trick-or-treat buckets. For years they had identical (what was I thinking?) bright orange plastic pumpkins until those really strong handles they use on them broke. (I'm actually surprise they lasted more than 3 years). I tried sticky notes with their names, as well as strips of masking tape. They never worked. And the kids can never seem to remember who placed their bucket on top of the fridge, in the corner of the counter, etc.

Anyhow, last year I came up with perfect solution to the "But I thought I was eating candy from MY bucket" episodes. (My Mommy instinct tells me they were just trying to steal the "good stuff" from each other).

So my solution? I put all of their names on their buckets using vinyl. I used Ghouly Solid as my font, and it works great keeping all the buckets separate. They can no longer claim they got confused at which treat bucket was theirs. I've tried it on the pumpkins as well as the new "ice cream" buckets I got to replace the old ones. It works well on both, so no more confusion!

Do you have any helpful Halloween tips? Please share them in the comments section below.

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