Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well, exciting news for me--I made a trip to Utah, and I'm sitting here stamping with Meridith Anne from Lizzie Anne Designs! (Imagine the stamps and the possibilities!) Of course my camera battery just died (though I did manage to get a few pictures in before it did), so I don't have any pictures to post just yet.

I will though--just not until I get back home since I couldn't find my battery charger before I left.

Since we're sitting here stamping together I asked Meridith if she wanted to say anything as a guest blogger--
Hi there! I'm having a blast stamping with Tiffiny! She has made THE CUTEST card using our Out of this World set. I can't wait for you to see it! I'm going to take a picture of it for her so she can post it here on her blog. I have to say that Tiffiny ROCKS and she's one of my very favorite people. :) She is very dear to me! If you want to see a picture of us, be sure and check out my blog tomorrow.

Awww, thanks Meridith. You rock too.

Later! I'm going to go play with Meridith's stamp collection!

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