Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping the Winter Blues at Bay with Pink

So I don't know too many girls who don't love pink. I know a few, but most of the women and girls I know love the color pink.

As you know, pink is also the color for Breast Cancer Awareness. Back in October (National Breast Cancer Awareness month) I picked up some fabulous pink boa yarn which I proceeded to knit into a scarf for a dear friend of mine whose breast cancer has come back. It was not perfect looking, and it was only the second scarf I've ever made, but it was made with love. I'm hoping each time she wears it, she'll remember how much I value her friendship.

My daughter saw the fantastic pink yarn and asked if I was going to make the scarf for her. I explained who it was for and why, and promised I would make something for her. For her birthday, I gave her a Build-a-Bear scarf kit and first learned to crochet a scarf for her bunny, Ella. I learned a lot in the process of crocheting that first scarf, and a couple of weeks ago I started the scarf for my daughter.

I forgot to take a picture of the pink boa yarn scarf (I've already given it to my friend), but I plan on making another one (I had to buy more yarn when I ran out), so I'll take a picture of that one.

In the mean time. Here is little Ella's scarf.

And the scarf for my daughter

A very happy girl...
A word to the wise on the Build-a-Bear scarf kit. The scarf instructions are off. For both the bear and girl scarves, they have you chain too many loops to begin the scarf. I learned that for the second one and just wrapped the chain around my daughter like I would the full scarf and figured out how many of the chains/stitches I had to pull. I also had to add in additional yarn (the white) as I knew the yarn I had would not make the scarf as thick as it should be.

Still, I'm pretty happy with the end result, and my daughter wears her scarf every time she steps outside. (Just in time for all the snowy weather we've been getting).

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