Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cake Auction for the Scouts

Recently we had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for our boy scout troop.  It included a cake auction and the boys were asked to donate a cake they had made.  Some of the boys made desserts, but clearly some of the parents helped out as well.


 Pretty sure this guy's mom helped him out juuuuuust a little, the frosting job is pretty good for a 12-year-old.

 This is a cinnamon roll cake my oldest boy made.  He found it on Pinterest.  Here is the link to the original recipe. 


I decided to help my second-oldest boy out by making a back-up batch of cupcakes to donate.  My friend who was in charge told me themed items seemed to raise the most money last year, so I decided to try a variation on a fun idea I'd seen on YouTube.  I found red and white polka-dot cupcake liners, and baked dark chocolate cupcakes in them.


While they cooled, I covered a cut and taped cereal box in aluminum foil.  (Don't you love my beat-up table?  Someday I'm going to refinish it.)


Next, I used double-sided tape to wrap a red polka-dot grosgrain  ribbon around the box

Then I used my Mickey Mouse punch to punch Mickey heads out of black card stock.  I affixed those to the box using the double-sided tape.  (You can really see the glory of the table in this shot.) 


I frosted the cupcakes with a dark chocolate and pushed mini-Oreos in for the ears.  I used plenty of frosting, so I didn't need any toothpicks.  I left some of them like that, but I also sprinkled crushed Oreos on top as well.


The finished product. I'm pleased to say they raised $50 for the troop.  We had just enough left over for each family member to get one and they were a hit!