Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Have a working Vinyl Cutter!

I haven't posted any vinyl projects in quite some time.  Mostly because I did not have a working vinyl cutter.  There was a problem with my old computer, running the software on a newer computer and versions of windows, the lack of a LPT port (yes, my original vinyl computer was that old!), and so on.  

We tried some solutions which included running a virtual machine with an old OS on a newer machine, but nothing worked completely.  In the end, it was cheaper to get a Silhouette Cameo than to pay $600 for an upgrade to my software.  

I miss not having the full width of vinyl like I did before,  (It was tricky loading my roll of white I already had on hand), but the bonus is being able to cut vinyl AND card stock, fabric and being able to make fabric stencils.  It was too difficult to change my blade depth before.  

I will be posting a tutorial of how to do this at a later date, but here is a quick sneak peek at my first vinyl project in years.