Saturday, September 8, 2007

Disney Inspirations

Lizzie Anne Design's Meridith & Tricia's made a recent trip to Disneyland. Their trip inspired me to create some Disney themed ideas. I've posted just three of them here. First idea--The Winnie the Pooh theme song would be a perfect border or text block in a nursery. Second--Mickey Ears (Isabel) or Minnie fonts (Jackson) are fun ways to feature your child's name over their bed(s). Third idea--The Dream quote could go on a wall above a picture from a Disney park.

You could also customize a picture frame (on the glass or actual frame) or a mat board with a name or short phrase.

I've got a ton of Disney photos to go through, so check back in the future for my own completed project.

(See, inspiration really can come from anywhere!)


Meridith Anne said...

Wish you guys could've come with us! I still want to do something for Livvy's room. Got any suggestions?

Tiffiny said...

What about the flowers from your new floral frenzy set? We could do them in pink, white & lavender.