Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Tile Idea

Phew! I made it through last week. I finally got a picture posted of the tile project we did. Blogspot was apparently having problems loading photos for a few days.

This week looks like it will be busy as well. My sister-in-law is expecting and getting very close to her delivery date. Consequently she's got several appointments & a birthing class, so I'll be watching her children a few days this week. My own kids have parent-teacher conferences coming up soon too. (Mom duty first guys!) In addition one of my sweet darlings may be having some food sensitivity issues, so I've got to change his diet. Hopefully this will be a positive thing for everyone. Fortunately, of all the children, he loves the biggest variety of foods. Wish me luck with these changes.

I'm posting a picture of another tile we're creating for one of the craft days I mentioned. It's a good reminder that we should take time to enjoy the things around us--not just muddle through the day/week/month/year (take your pick). :D

So even though you may be busy too, enjoy the small things around you. After all, as I've heard it said, "Any day above ground is a good one." :D


Anonymous said...

I like that font! What font did you use?

Claudia said...

oohhh, that ones really, really nice... that would look perfect in my relax room.... :)