Sunday, November 4, 2007

Take a Breath

Wow. It's November already. (Where did October go?) Have you figured out your holiday presents yet? What about your cards? Are you making them, buying them??

Well, I've started buying presents already, but they are not anywhere near being finished.

Before the bustle of the holidays hit (I saw Christmas and Hanukkah items in the store 2 weeks ago--before you know it, we'll be leaving them up all year long--oh wait, some things I already do, like my holiday lights), :) take a deep breath and focus.

Remember what is truly important in your life. Count your blessings. It really will help you focus on what absolutely has to get done, and the best way to do it. If you get the "big rocks" (family, health, faith) into place, the rest of it (the sand & water) will fall into place too.

I know one thing I am grateful for is all the women who helped me prepare for two massive craft nights (200+ projects). I couldn't have made it without them. If you are one of them (and you know who you are) and you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!!! You are the best!

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