Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Phew! I have Internet again!

Wow, talk about lousy timing. After I posted the winner of the second blog candy giveaway, I went to take care of the kids. About one half hour later I came back and..... no Internet. My network connector, which has been known to spontaneously disconnect itself, gave up for good, and my network went down.

I had no idea how dependent upon the Internet I am.


More bad timing--my oldest just started shrieking that the dishwasher was leaking. Apparently I've never explained the difference between dishwasher liquid detergent and dishwashing liquid soap. Hmmmm.

Lesson learned.

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Melissa/McRae said...

Wow, that is awesome about the dishwasher! That happened to me in college- it wasn't me, just a roommate, but still I laugh at it!! Not something that you think of needing to have a talk about :)