Saturday, May 3, 2008

Moving Update

Well, the house is nearing completion for getting it on the market. We had to basically do a master bathroom remodel since our grout went bad and it rotted the wallboard behind it. We had to rip it down to the studs and start over. We were told we can't put the house on the market with a major problem like that, so we had to take care of it first. So much fun!

Thankfully we're almost done with that. So a word of warning. If you have a tile shower, you should know the grout needs to be resealed every so many years--frequency depends upon how often the shower is used. It's pretty inexpensive to do, and it will save you the headache that we had.

Oh, and if you are blessed with a 1980's pink tub like we were, you can have it resurfaced/reglazed for under $500--even if it is jetted. In our case this was the cheaper option than having a new tub put in.

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Meridith Anne said...

wow! You weren't kidding about the remodel!!! Glad it's almost done!