Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Event

The New Moon Event in Salt Lake City...

Myself and a good friend of mine.

Bella's truck

There was an Edward look-a-like who had a booth and was taking pictures with people. I took one with my sister, Meridith--the Anne from Lizzie Anne Designs. We shared our booth there.

Edward played the piano quite well and he was really sweet with all the little girls who came up to him.

Alice's yellow Porsche.

The event had different "rooms" from Forks and LaPush. This was the Cullen's living room complete with Bella's cake.

There was even a broken vase with scattered flowers...

And even a smattering of blood!

An awesome cake decorator made this cake of Forks and ...

Of LaPush.

Billy's house. By the way, guess who made the signs... Yep! we did.

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