Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bow Holders for My Girls

Last year before we had our sweet baby girl I was looking for decorating ideas on Pinterest. I found a fabulous tutorial on how to make bow holders that look like tutus. I fell in love, pinned it and set it aside.

Then last fall when I was getting the supplies I needed to make for the CTR shield, I decided to get enough to make the bodices for the bow holder too. Initially we were going to just go with pink bodices, but we really liked how the green coordinates with bedding in the girls room.

I took photos of most of the process. You can see the original tutorial here. I will post my pictures and give additional notes on the project.

First of all, I got waaaay too much fabric. After some digging, I found the comment where she says the bodice is about 12" high for a large bow holder.  Plan accordingly. 

I think my neck opening needed to be a little bigger so I could pull the fabric well.  I think trying to work in a tiny space added to the puckering.

Closeups of the green "dress"

Before I decided on the flowers, I played around with my options with ribbon and center flowers.  I personally like the top one the best, but my oldest daughter really wanted a combination, so in the end, that is what we did. 


To tie the bow ribbons into the bodice more, I hot-glued smaller roses on the end of each ribbon.

This is the pink one in her room. The fabric is the same as her CTR Shield.

Remember I said I got too much fabric?  I made another one for her friend.  This time I was smart and the flower on the bodice is actually on a clip (and attached to the ribbons via the clip).  The above "dress" has a glued-down flower. 

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