Saturday, March 17, 2012

Woodworking Part II

Last spring when my daughter and I first got into making things for her 18" dolls, I was looking for storage solutions for her doll clothes and other items. I saw several handmade cabinets, and I decided to ask my dad if he would like to take on a new woodworking project. He said yes. He sent me pictures of what he was working on. You can see his inspiration photo in the lower right-hand corner of the photo below.

Another angle.

The finished, but unpainted version...

Going back and painting doors and drawers.

When we took our family vacation, my dad and I worked many mornings on a second armoire for my niece. We didn't finish it, but we got pretty far (a little further than the second picture). In it he helped me work on my skills with the scroll saw and taught me how to safely use a table saw.

I haven't had a chance to put any of my skills into use yet, but I'm hoping once my little craft room is done, I will be able to move things out of the garage and create a space there I can work as well.

This is a picture of the completed armoire he made for my daughter. Here it is with her 18" Target Our Generation doll inside. It gets daily use now!


Jill said...

Your dad is so handy. What a great project!

Tiffiny said...

Thank you. I think so too!

hasib said...

Very nice i like it