Thursday, March 1, 2012

Craft Room Progress

I've been looking through my pictures, but they are a little disorganized since my video camera that also takes photos was date stamping everything in the wrong month and year. In any case, here is a picture of the upcoming craft room. This is the earliest picture I can find. To the right is a bank of closets. Sadly only one of them will be a craft closet--the rest will be devoted to kids clothing and other storage.

All those boxes? Crafting supplies I've not been able to get at for some time now. The mattress the baby will use was also in there. This room is pre-insulation.

Below you can see the insulation is up and we're ready to pass electrical and duct work inspections.

Now the drywall is up and they've begun to mud and tape.

Another view of the closets.

Looking into the craft room from the outside. We opted for double french doors to provide as much natural light in this room as possible. Sadly I've only got the one small window and it sits next to the steps from the sliding glass door upstairs--so we can't make it bigger without affecting the patio.

We started priming the walls in the basement. My sweet daughter tried painting the wall below. I had paint swatches up (which fell down) and she was painting all around them.

That's her Dora knee pad we picked up at Home Depot. She wanted to get into the garden with me. We found it helps knees when doing low cut-in painting.

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